Arrival Time

A visit to The Parlour Spa.Salon.Men’s Den is your time for personal well-being. Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your first appointment to allow ample time for check in, changing and relaxing. 

What to wear

When you arrive at The Parlour, a locker along with a robe and slippers will await you for your comfort. During your body treatments, you will be professionally and discreetly draped with linens and/or disposable garments for your comfort and privacy. 

Special Needs

If you have any medical conditions, are pregnant or have any specific physical limitations, certain treatments might not be recommended. Please notify your Parlour Spa co-ordinator at the time you make your appointment to ensure you receive the best experience for your specific needs. 

Steam Room

All of our Spa guests are invited to unwind in either of our men’s or women’s steam room, before or after treatments. We do not recommend use of the steam room if you have certain medical conditions such as but not limited to: heart problems, high or low blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or pregnancy. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before the use of the steam rooms. 


Demands for The Parlour Spa treatments are high especially during evenings and weekends. We highly recommend reservations be made several weeks in advance to ensure you obtain your desired treatment times. 

Late Arrivals

As a courtesy to all Parlour guests and service providers, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Failure to do so may result in full service rate charge to your account. If you are running late, a phone call is appreciated. Your treatment will begin at your arrival time and will end as scheduled so the next treatment can begin on time. 

Package Bookings

Cancellations for Parlour Spa Packages require 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in a full service rate charge to your account. 

Use of Cellular Phones

To maintain the relaxation and peacefulness within the Parlour Spa, the use of cellular phones is strictly prohibited. Cellular phone use in the Parlour Salon is allowed on an as needed basis. Please ensure your ringtone is on vibrate and conversations are brief as to not disturb the other Salon guests. 


The Parlour is not responsible for damage or loss of your personal belongings. Our recommendation is not to bring valuables on your visit. 


Gratuities are not reflected in the service or gift card prices. Gratuities are always greatly appreciated. Your referral is our greatest compliment. 


In order to maintain a relaxing environment for all Parlour Spa guests, we kindly ask that children not be brought into the Spa area of the establishment. Children may be brought into the Parlour Salon if under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. We kindly request all children be kept quiet and non-disruptive to other guests.